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Uber, Kalanick and Investors Sued For Unlawfully Taking Trade Secrets Behind Uber App

This morning Celluride Wireless Inc., a wireless startup founded in 2002 by Kevin Halpern has filed suit in the San Francisco Superior Court against Uber. Also sued are Uber's co-founders Travis Kalanick, and Garret Camp as well as early VC funds in Uber; Benchmark Capital, First Round Capital, and Founder Collective, along with their principals Scott Belsky, Bill Trenchard and Bill Gurley.

The suit alleges that Halpern and Celluride, between 2002 through 2009, developed the technology and business model behind Uber's entire business including the App interface itself and that Celluride and Halpern's trade secrets and intellectual property rights were violated when Uber and the other Defendants misappropriated their technology.